The Reasons Why Your Penis Size Changes Constantly

The title of this post says it all.

Length and the penis size also varies with temperature.

A flaccid penis can vary up to a inch.

Also, your measuring approaches are probably not that precise.

For example. How much are you pressing the ruler into your pelvis?

How much is the rule bending with the contour of your penis?

How consistent are you with your measurement technique?

Can you recreate multiple times to a measurement?

Likely not.

All of these factors only make dick measurement for detecting day to day increases impractical.

Why is this a significant finding?

Because some of you’ll be attempting to measure your member to detect span increases.

For all those that are doing it every hour or even every day, that is a lot of wasted time.

Particularly if you’re quantifying after you come from a hot shower.

By measuring lots of times throughout the day, for clinical trial outcome, they get their measurements. Afterward they take the minimum and maximum and report those results instead.

While we can’t stop you your excitement from seeing the gains, the point is to not focus on the short-term changes.

It is because they’re practically undetectable on a day to day basis.

Additionally, quantifying continuously and not getting the unrealistic results you are most likely anticipating does not help when you’re striving to be disciplined and consistent with your dick stretching regimen.

But in the interim,, focus on what’ll actually get you those length gains: your penis enhancement program.